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1974 Doğumlu.
Terazi burcu.
Keeley Hawes ile evli ve
Maggie adında bir kızı var.

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Maybe Baby (2000)
Enigma (2001)
The Reckoning (2001)
In My Father’s Den (2004)
Pride & Prejudice (2005)


Wuthering Heights (199
Warriors (1999)
The Way We Live Now(2000)
Murder Rooms : The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes (2000)
Essential Poems (2000)
Perfect Strangers (2001)
Spooks (Series 1) (2002)
The Project (2002)
Spooks (Series 2) (2003)
Spooks (Series 3) (2004)

Henry IV (2005)

Let’s take a look at his period drama roles:

Wuthering Heights (TV 1998) as Hareton Earnshaw
MM’s first onscreen role. Not a favorite film or story but MM is in the interesting ending part of the story.

The Way We Live Now (TV 2001) as Sir Felix Carbury
This is one of his few scoundrel roles and he plays it so convincingly but it’s hard to dislike the character completely because it’s MM! :)

Pride & Prejudice (2005) as Mr. Darcy
Not quite my favorite Mr. Darcy but he’s one of the best parts about this P&P interpretation. He had a different approach to Mr. Darcy portraying him as a bit shy and not as confident as other Darcys.

Marple: A Pocket Full of Rye (TV 2008) as Inspector Neele
As a police inspector he collaborates with Miss Marple in solving a series of murders and is more considerate than most chief investigating officers. A completely likable character if only they hadn’t given him that crazy mustache.

Little Dorrit (TV 2008) as Arthur Clennam
My favorite of MM’s role! Kind, honorable, generous and very sweet, Arthur Clennam is one of my all-time favorite period drama and literary heroes. His portrayal is just brilliant!

Robin Hood (2010) as Sheriff of Nottingham
I haven’t seen this film yet but it’s a very interesting casting. MM as a villainous Medieval Sheriff? Well he certainly can play almost any character he puts his mind to. Since I’m such a big Robin Hood fan now I hope to see this sometime soon.

The Pillars of the Earth (TV 2010) as Philip
Another film I haven’t seen but the ancient time period is quite interesting. He plays a church prior.

 The Three Musketeers (2011) as Athos
I recently saw this film and am hoping to review it soon. I found MM’s character to be more of a leader of the group, a great swordsman, a romantic lead and he has several hilarious lines! Despite the longer mane and facial hair (a look I’m not too fond of on him) it was a great role for him.

Anna Karenina (in production) as Oblonsky
Currently filming Anna Karenina where he’s act alongside Keira Knightley again. Looks like he’ll be sporting a full beard in this film but I haven’t found any photos of him yet (the one photo is Jude Law with Keira). The story isn’t very interesting to me but the cast is.

Random Facts about MM:
–Married to lovely actress Keeley Hawes since 2004. (Read my post about Keeleyhere.)
–They have three children: Myles, Maggie and Ralph.
–Is 6 feet, 3inches tall.
–Mother of Welsh heritage, father of Scottish.
–Awarded a BAFTA in June 2010.
–Is apparently allergic to cats. :(
MM’s wife Keeley & kids visit him on the set of Little Dorrit in 2008. 

MM Quotes:
‘Like, the actor in me would always like to be more dashing, or slimmer, or have nicer hair. You know what I mean? I see pictures of Colin Firth and think, “That’s Darcy.” I see my big face and my funny hair and I think, “Pudding head!”‘

[on approaching the character of Mr. Darcy for Pride and Prejudice:] “I find Darcy very sympathetic, I find it heartbreaking that he’s seen as very haughty and proud – and he is those things – but he’s a young man who is still grieving for his parents. He’s from an ancient family and has this huge responsibility, but it seemed to me that he’s still trying to work out who he is and how to be in the world. I found that very interesting, and I found him very sympathetic.”

“I have felt some twinges recently, about parts I wanted to play that I may be getting too old and fat to do. Hamlet, for example – maybe that’s gone. I would love to play Richard II.” – from a February 2010 interview

Didn’t make this but love it! haha :)
Matthew Macfadyen is one of my all time favorite actors and who I hope to see in many other period drama roles.
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